Red Light Safety Awareness in August

Red Light Safety Awareness in August

Red Light Safety Awareness in August

Traffic signals are imperative to keeping us safe on the roads. Intersections would be chaos without red lights, and drivers who run red lights put others at risk of serious crashes and injuries. To work to combat red light accidents, the National Coalition for Safer Roads has deemed the week of August 2-8 as “Stop on Red” week, which aims to promote red light safety awareness.

Stop on Red week informs drivers of red light statistics and trends, as well as encourages drivers to pledge to stop safely at red traffic signals. According to the organization, Friday is the most common day for running red lights, making it the most common day for red light-related accidents.

Red light crashes are very easy to prevent, but drivers continue to try to beat red lights or ignore them altogether. What should you do if you are in a crash with a driver who ran a red light?

Call 911 – You want to get your injuries checked, and you want the police to issue a citation to the driver who ran the red light.

Seek medical help – If you do not need emergency transportation, you should still get medical attention as soon as possible if you believe you might be injured.

Call a car accident attorney – A lawyer can help collect evidence of the red light violation, such as footage from red light cameras or criminal conviction records, and file the necessary claims to collect compensation for your medical bills and other losses.

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