Injury Risks in a Road Work Zone

Injury Risks in a Road Work Zone

Injury Risks in a Road Work Zone

Construction is always a risky industry, and accidents can happen on any type of construction site. However, the risks of injuries are different for those working in road work zones. Many drivers are frustrated by constant – yet necessary – road work, and they fail to slow down,follow warning signs, merge properly, or other proper behaviors as directed.This puts all workers and other drivers at risk of traffic accidents and serious injuries.

Road construction crews in Florida should always post proper warning signs of reduced speed and other changes in traffic patterns so drivers can prepare as they approach the work zone. Florida doubles the fines for speeding in a construction zone when there are signs posted and workers present, though too many drivers still ignore signs and fail to slowdown.

Another serious risk is distracted drivers inroad work zones. If someone is looking down at a text or email, they might miss a lane shift or another change, which might cause them to hit another vehicle or a worker.

When a road construction worker gets hit, they can sustain life-changing injuries. Workers’ compensation benefits are available for construction workers who suffer injuries on the job, though these benefits do not always cover all of your losses. If a driver hits you, it can allow you to file a claim for third-party liability in addition to your workers’ compensation claim. This can be a complicated situation, so always consult with a workers’ comp and personal injury lawyer in Seminole.

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