Zoning Changes Could Create More Affordable Housing Units in Sarasota

Zoning Changes Could Create More Affordable Housing Units in Sarasota

Zoning Changes Could Create More Affordable Housing Units in Sarasota

For years, a housing crisis has been developing across the United States. Real estate has become more and more expensive at a time when wages have remained largely stagnant. This has created a growing gap in housing affordability. The lack of affordable housing has reached crisis proportions, and this problem became painfully apparent during the coronavirus pandemic.

Serious federal relief was required to prevent hundreds of thousands of American families from experiencing homelessness. State and local housing authorities are exploring many creative solutions in order to address the affordable housing crisis. Here in Sarasota, one proposed solution would tackle the problem with zoning changes.

Your Observer reports that the Sarasota City Commission is showing support for zoning changes that would allow homeowners to add small “accessory dwelling units” onto properties that had been zoned as single-family residences. Initially, the proposal was limited to neighborhoods that had shown support for the proposal. But the Commission voted 4-1 to expand the proposal to allow for accessory dwelling units in more areas of the city.

This could help create more affordable housing options for tenants, and also create new revenue streams for homeowners. The idea to allow accessory dwelling units on single-family properties dates back to 2018. Now, in the wake of the devastating financial effects of COVID-19, the idea is gaining traction and appears to be headed for approval.

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