Workers’ Compensation Rights of Front Line Workers in Florida

Workers’ Compensation Rights of Front Line Workers in Florida

Workers’ Compensation Rights of Front Line Workers in Florida

While many families are trying to stay at home to protect themselves and others as much as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, some people do not have this option. Essential workers have been heading to work throughout the crisis, meeting members of the public, and knowing they are at a much higher risk of exposure. If front line workers are exposed on the job, are they entitled to workers’ compensation benefits?

The answer to the above question will depend on your specific circumstances. Just because you were working and tested positive for coronavirus does not automatically mean you will be able to receive benefits. You should speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Florida about your case.

State Front Line Workers

A special order was issued on March 30, 2020,relating to certain employees of the State of Florida who contract COVID-19.The specified workers would be eligible for workers’ compensation, as there would be a presumption that the particularly high risks of exposure involved in their job duties led to their diagnosis. The workers covered by this order include the following:

  • Members of the National Guard
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Firefighters
  • Other first responders
  • Corrections officers
  • Child safety investigators
  • State employees working providing healthcare services to the public

If you are a private-sector employee, however,this order does not directly apply to you, no matter how high your risk might be at work. If you contract COVID-19, it still might be possible to obtain benefits, though it will depend on your work conditions, exposure rates,non-work activities, and more. 

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