Who is Responsible for Your Rear-End Crash?

Who is Responsible for Your Rear-End Crash?

Who is Responsible for Your Rear-End Crash?

You’re driving along and you have to hit the brakes when the car in front of you stops. All of a sudden, a car crashes into the back of your vehicle. Your head is jolted forward as the airbag deploys,severely straining the soft tissue in your neck, causing a concussion, and causing burns on your face from the airbag. The rear driver claims that you slammed on your brakes without warning, so you are at fault for the accident.Is this true?

Fortunately for many front drivers in rear-end accidents, the rear driver is generally presumed to be at fault. Even if a car slams on the brakes, Florida law requires that you follow other vehicles from a safe enough distance that you can prevent a collision when needed. If a rear driver can’t avoid crashing, they are likely following too closely in violation of the law, which makes them negligent if they cause injuries.

There are some limited situations in which the rear driver is not to blame, however. These include:

  • The front driver cuts off the rear driver due to a dangerous lane change
  • The front driver does not have working brake lights
  • The rear driver’s brakes suddenly fail due to defective auto parts
  • The rear driver loses control due to other factors, causing them to crash

It is important to discuss liability for your accident with an experienced rear end accident attorney who can advise you of your rights and options for insurance and legal claims.

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