Were You Involved in a Hit and Run?

Were You Involved in a Hit and Run?

Were You Involved in a Hit and Run?

Under Florida law, drivers involved in crashes causing property damage or injury must remain at the scene and exchange information. Not doing so can have criminal penalties, though some drivers still make the decision to hit another vehicle and drive away. These hit and run accidents can be devastating for motorists and can complicate a resulting claim for property damage and injuries.

Sometimes, police officers are able to track down a hit and run driver based on camera footage, witness accounts, and other information. In this case, the hit and run driver will likely be arrested, and you will know who was liable for your accident. However, in many situations,the hit and run driver is not found. So, what do you do then?

This is when your uninsured motorist (UM)coverage kicks in. Generally speaking, your UM policy should treat a hit and run driver just like a driver without insurance. Since you cannot file a claim against the unknown driver, your UM coverage should provide benefits instead.

Seeking Help with Your UM Claim

You might assume that your own insurance company will be cooperative and willing to pay the benefits you deserve. After all, you pay premiums each month in order to have that coverage. Unfortunately,even a first-party claim with your own insurer can be complicated and challenging.

If you are dealing with injuries, repairs, and more, the last thing you need is to deal with a frustrating UM insurance claim.Never hesitate to seek help from a trusted attorney who can negotiate for the full benefits you deserve.

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