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mariano salvado
I used this firm for a car acidente case and had a very positive result. There was little property damage in the acidente, but my attorney work hard to get maxvalue. I was comforted by the lawyer’s believing in my injuries even though the insurance company didnt want to help. I came from another lawyer and my attorney negotiated my fee with the previous firm. A+ experience.
John Navarro
They were amazing my case had a lot of complications with the other party and the majority of it was during Covid lockdowns and the attorneys were great throughout the process. They answered all questions I had dealing with legalese. Walked me through with clear information and even when I felt like it wasn’t going to work out they fought and we won the case. I would recommend them to anyone!
Chris Evans
If you want the best possible outcome for your situation, stop reading and call Quattrochi and Torres right now! Joe Taormina is as proficient as they come! ⚖️ They also support veterans. 🇺🇸 I sincerely recommend!!
Loutos Law, PLLC
I have never worked with more professional attorneys! When my sister was involved in a serious accident, Attorney Matt did everything he could to get her case settled for the highest possible value. He helped bring up her case value by over half a million dollars. As an attorney, I could have picked anyone to work on her case. However, I am so happy that I chose Matt to assist her as he is a relentless litigator who is client-oriented. If you need a quality injury lawyer, look no further than Quattrochi & Torres. All of the lawyers there are detail-oriented, honest, and kind.
samantha gardner
The best attorney ever. Never lost a case and looks out for his client best of interest. Looking for a good attorney I’ll recommend this attorney to you anytime.
Daniel Vermiglio
When we got into our accident, a friend of my wife referred Matt to us. Our first meeting with Matt, he explained everything that we would be doing in great detail, and was very informative on all the steps we were going to do. Jossie, helped us greatly with all negotiations from the insurers. And the great thing about the whole team over there, was the fact that you could call; and someone was willing to help you with any questions you had. The staff are all so polite, and a really cheerful team. I’m so glad they were the ones who represented us.
jovany lamour
I had get into a car accident and I didn’t know who to call, where to go to, what to do. So I went online looking for a lawyer I ended up finding Matthew so I picked him and let me tell you it was the best decision I made by choosing him to be my lawyer. He held all is promises. He promise me to be there for me in that tough time, he promised me to get the best treatment for me which he provided, he promised me to fight the other person insurance and to get me pay as much as possible which he did and won and at the end I was very satisfied with everything.
Shabiah Gordon
Everything he said he did good firm man of his word and very loyal. Always stay in contact through the case and help me step by step. I has very very please at the end of service. Great job Matt and I will recommend refer anybody I know to you. Keep up the good work and God bless your business
Kevin Gervais
It’s a difficult decision in the 1st place whether or not to even get an attorney, but when your own insurance company tries to screw you, even when the other party is at fault, the decision becomes easier. I picked Quattrochi and Torres mainly on location and couldn’t have picked better. We put it in their hands and walked out of the office feeling very comfortable with that decision. Matt went above and beyond expectations, would definitely return if need be, (hopefully not), and most definitely would recommend to friends and family.
Evelynn Passino
Matt and Jossie handled my car accident claim. They kept me updated and handled everything for me from day 1. They made a stressful experience as painless as possible. I highly recommend them.
Jalivette Rivera
My brother was in a bad motorcycle accident so I moved fast and called a friend who then referred me to this law firm who takes good care of there clients. I called Quattrochi and Torres Law firm right away. The firm worked very quickly and was firm with what they wanted from all companies. The team was very nice and were professional at all times. They know exactly how to deal with these kinds situation. My brothers case was taken care of right away. I’m grateful to be able to have a lawyer that listened and who followed up with me at all times. Thank you for your hard work to the Quattrochi and Torres firm! My family appreciates you.
Julia Child
My Attorney, Matthew Quattorchi, represented me better than I could have imagined. He was a referral from another attorney, and it turns out, my case could not have been in better hands. Matt listened to my concerns and walked me through the whole process. He gave me the pros and cons of every opportunity made along the way, explained what was happening at every point in the case, and was patient while I thought out my decisions. I felt calm through out the whole process thanks to him. His efforts for my case made for an exceptional outcome. Highly recommend if you want great results!
Elgordo Torres
I will always be thankful to Jossie F. Quattrochi Torres and what she did for Me .She went to so above and beyond thank you
Thank you to Attorney Joseph Taormina, he helped me settle a very tedious case and we ended up coming to an agreement with the opposing party. Mr. Taormina is a great lawyer and we recommend him to anyone! We will definitely use him again.
I recently had the misfortune of dealing with a company that did not perform after taking thousands of my dollars. I was very aggravated and asked for my money back but nothing happened. I decided to consult with an attorney, but the sad truth is if you don’t have a personal injury case against a huge company, most lawyers aren’t interested. I called four law firms and the only one that returned my call was Bogin, Munns and Munns. I met with a young man named Joseph Taormina. I had to pay a consulting fee but in the end it was well worth it. I retained Mr. Taormina (another fee) to represent me and he went to work. He wrote a letter of demand to the crooked company with a promise of legal action if ignored. After about ten days the company issued a check to me. A full refund! Then Mr. Taormina called and said he was refunding most of my retainer fee because they didn’t use it all. I was impressed by Mr. Taormina’s work, his honesty and his professionalism. If you need legal representation, Bogin, Munns and Munns is the place to go. If all their attorneys are as good as Joseph Taormina, you will be in good hands. They do a lot of other things too: estate planning, probate, wills, personal injury, contract litigation.
I worked with Joseph Taormina, Esq. who exceeded my expectations in getting a settlement amount in a timely manner on a consumer protection issue. I received the exact amount demanded within 30 days without filing a lawsuit. I would recommend Bogin, Munns & Munns.
Mr. Taormina represented me in a Real Estate Lis Pendens case. I was most honored to have his representation. This was a new area for him and as needed he would consult with fellow attorneys to obtain additional data to continue pursuing a positive outcome in the case. The case has concluded with a positive outcome and I would be the first to recommend him. Thank you Mr. Taormina
mr taormina was my lawyer to help me with a tenant issue by far he was the best, very polite, smart in every step and always gave me the best advice possible for the situation in hand, i would recommend him to anybody who would need a lawyer and i will continue working with him all the time from now on
I live in Utah and had someone in Florida file a frivolous lawsuit against me. It is extremely stressful dealing with something like this long distance. Joseph kept me very well informed, and resolved it for me.
Mr Taormina did outstanding work on my case. He was very prompt, responding to my emails and phone calls. I’m so Thankful that I picked your agency to handle the case for me. I’d Highly recommend Him.
Mayra M.
Attorney Quattrochi was there for me every step of the way. I was with another attorney before attorney Quattrochi and the different is real. He handled everything from the lien from the other attorney to the Personal Injury Protection lawsuits. My case settled for $47,000 and the results exceeded my expectations.
Jerry W.
I was injured a pedestrian while riding a bicycle. Attorney Quattrochi drove to my house in Cocoa Beach, FL to meet me. He and his firm handled everything! My doctors were arranged for me and my bills were negotiated to a reasonable rate. Attorney Quattrochi even worked with the insurance company to ensure that my bicycle was repaired. My case was settled for the full $100,000 in available coverage
Randy M.
Attorney Quattrochi was my third attorney. None of my other attorneys were able to convince the insurance company to accept liability. Attorney Quattrochi acted quickly and aggressively to secure a settlement. He also negotiated my medical bill and reduced his fee to increase the value of my case.
Christopher B.
Attorney Quattrochi represented me after my 2nd auto accident. He was readily available to answer all my questions. He refused to accept the insurance company’s position that my injuries were preexisting. He tracked down all of my medical records from both accidents and did his job to highlight the new injuries. When I was feeling down about the initial offer he made me feel optimistic and eventually secured the full policy limits. He handled everything from the Property damage to the lawsuit against my own insurance company to pay for my medical bills.