Tenant Bill of Rights Considered in Hillsborough County

Tenant Bill of Rights Considered in Hillsborough County

Tenant Bill of Rights Considered in Hillsborough County

The coronavirus pandemic exposed many problems in the American housing market. Herein Florida, a lack of affordable housing has been created over years of rising home prices that have not been offset by higher wages. This has created a widespread problem of housing instability for many Florida families. When the pandemic hit, it took special legal protections and extensive financial programs to prevent thousands of families from losing their homes.

The United States economy is slowly recovering from the prolonged impact of theCOVID-19 crisis. But local governments are now considering the long-term changes that need to occur in the Florida housing market.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that a Hillsborough County commissioner has proposed a renters’ bill of rights. This would enact legal protections for tenants to help ensure their legal rights are respected. It would also help to reduce some of the confusion about tenant’s rights in order to prevent the egregious conduct some landlords resorted to during the pandemic.

Out of desperation, some Florida landlords resorted to illegal means – such as cutting off utilities – to try to get tenants out of their properties when lawful evictions were temporarily halted. A tenant’s bill of rights could help deter such conduct in the future.

There are many lessons to be learned from the coronavirus. It could take years for the necessary changes to occur in state and local housing rules. In the meantime, it is important for tenants to protect their own legal rights as renters.

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