Tallahassee Leaders “Cannot Handle the Influx” of COVID Evictions

Tallahassee Leaders “Cannot Handle the Influx” of COVID Evictions

Tallahassee Leaders “Cannot Handle the Influx” of COVID Evictions

The City of Tallahassee is making preparations for the coming eviction wave in2021. WCTV reports that the City Commission met at a workshop in early December, where it unanimously voted to create a “landlord risk mitigation fund.” This fund will help ease the financial burden to landlords who have not been receiving rent payments and are unable to evict tenants due to the CDC’s current ban on (most) residential evictions.

This fund is an important step toward addressing the coming crisis. It is not, however, enough to stop the flood of evictions that are coming. The workshop was designed to find more solutions and address other needs in the housing crisis. Staff were directed to work with local human service agencies to find other shelter solutions. Representatives from such local agencies also spoke at the workshop, but their predictions were dire.

Big Bend Continuum of Care is a local agency that helps families through the eviction process. It provides shelter and helps families find new housing, but according to the organization’s representative, the agency “cannot handle an influx of 500 plus evictions being processed at the same time.”  

Big Bend is certainly not the only agency that will face a lack of staffing and resources in the coming eviction crisis. Financial assistance funds, legal aid organizations, shelters, and housing organizations will all be pressed to find the resources to help the many Florida families who will need help with housing in 2021. As the City Commission and local service organizations prepare for this crisis, individuals should also prepare. The earlier you seek help with your rental payments, the better options you will have for avoiding an eviction.

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