Staying With Family Can Disqualify You From Critical Financial Aid

Staying With Family Can Disqualify You From Critical Financial Aid

Staying With Family Can Disqualify You From Critical Financial Aid

Congress has passed a second round of robust coronavirus aid. The bill covers many areas of assistance for housing protection, including financial aid and an extension of the CDC moratorium on residential evictions. The seprotections will help many Florida families stay in their homes during a dangerous time of increased viral spread. Unfortunately, there are limitations on this assistance, and some Florida families are learning the hard way that they do not qualify for the help they so desperately need. 

NBCNews spoke with one Florida mother who, like many others, found herself in a desperate housing situation when the coronavirus pandemic first hit. Her hours were cut, and finances became tight. The financial stress led her boyfriend to become abusive, and she had to flee the residence with her children. She traveled all the way to Ohio in order to be able to sleep on a relative’s floor. The family had no space or privacy and was forced to put up a sheet in the living room to allow the children to complete their online schooling.

If any situation demanded help, this was surely it. But when the single mom applied for housing assistance, she found she was not eligible. The CDC eviction rule requires applicants to testify under oath that they have nowhere to stay and are likely to become homeless if they are evicted. Many financial aid programs have also followed this rule. Because this single mom was not yet out on the street, she did not qualify for assistance from many programs.

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