Common Accidents in the Summertime

Common Accidents in the Summertime

Common Accidents in the Summertime

The summer is always more dangerous, as families and individuals are outside enjoying a variety of activities. People tend to be more active in the summer, with more risk for injuries. Here are some common summertime accidents.

Swimming Pool Accidents

The hot Florida weather means that people are more likely to want to cool off with a dip in the pool. However, some people may not properly maintain their pool, raising the risks that their guests may be injured. Others may be injured by a defective part in the swimming pool. Children may be injured by submersion or could suffer broken bones.

Grilling Injuries

People take to their decks and parks to enjoy a summer cookout. Unfortunately, the grill that they are trusting to cook their food can burn or injure them in an explosion. When that happens, the manufacturer or store that sold you the grill can be responsible in a product liability lawsuit.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Florida weather is far more stormy in the summer months. Businesses may not take the steps necessary to keep their passageways dry when people track water on the floor. More people outside also increases the risk that someone may trip and fall.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Summer is when people tend to party more and go to gatherings with friends. There may be alcohol around, and drivers will get on the road after drinking. Drunk driving injuries and fatalities are always at their highest rate during the summer.

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