How Does a PIP Claim Work in Florida?

How Does a PIP Claim Work in Florida?

How Does a PIP Claim Work in Florida?

In Florida, you can still receive some money to pay for your accident-related expenses, even if you are not able to prove that someone else was responsible for the crash. Every auto insurance policy has a limited amount of no-fault protection that helps you no matter what.

Florida has tight limits on the amount of PIP coverage. In addition, PIP will only cover part of your damages. However, PIP coverage will provide the following:

  • Medical expenses (covers 80% of your expenses up to the cap)
  • Lost wages (covers 60%)
  • Death benefits for your family (limited to $5,000)

PIP claims do not cover pain and suffering associated with your accident injuries.

PIP claims are submitted in the same way as any insurance claim. In this case, the insurance company would not need to determine fault since negligence is not required to receive these payments.

However, PIP coverage will not pay for very much. The $10,000 limit has not been adjusted, even in the face of inflation that raises medical costs and the damages from an accident. While money from a PIP claim is helpful, it will come nowhere near close to paying all your bills. Even a seemingly “minor” trip to the emergency room can cost more than the $10,000 cap.

Therefore, proving that someone else was to blame for your accident remains crucial. An experienced car accident attorney will investigate your crash and gather the evidence necessary to put you in a position to receive financial compensation.

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