Protect Your Rights after a Slip and Fall

Protect Your Rights after a Slip and Fall

Protect Your Rights after a Slip and Fall

When someone slips and falls, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do next. Should you see a doctor? Report the accident? What are your rights? While your rights will depend on what exactly caused your fall, you should always take precautionary steps when possible, to protect the right to seek compensation when possible.

Note what caused the fall – Pay attention to what made you slip and fall. Was there debris on the ground in a store? Was there a wet or slippery floor? Was an object protruding into a walkway? If you can, take pictures of the condition that caused your fall with your phone and make notes,so you do not forget details later on.

Report the fall – If you are at a business, report the fall to the manager or someone else in charge. The business likely has an internal process for reporting accidents and injuries that happen on the premises. If possible, you might want to report the accident to the police, so they complete an official police report.

Seek medical attention – Some slip and fall victims know they are injured right off the bat, and they need emergency treatment. However,not all injuries are immediately obvious, and you might be tempted to write off pain of stiffness after a fall when it is really the sign of a serious injury. Always seek medical attention if you feel anything out of the ordinary, as it can help a future insurance claim.

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