Home Health Aide Neglect
Home Health Aide Neglect

Home Health Aide Neglect

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Seminole County Home Health Aide Neglect Attorneys

Many senior adults decide to remain in their own homes with assistance from a home health aide instead of moving into a nursing home. Home health aides can benefit seniors in many ways, as long as they provide proper care and do not engage in misconduct. Unfortunately, more and more older adults are suffering harm due to the neglect of home health aides, and victims have legal options.

If you or your loved one suffered injuries due to a home health aide’s negligence, you should immediately consult with the legal team of Quattrochi, Torres and Taormina. We take on cases involving various types of elder abuse and neglect, and we can assess your options.

Common Cases Involving Home Health Aide Neglect

Home health aides should provide proper medication, assistance, supervision, and reactive care for seniors. Some incidents that might happen due to home health aide neglect include:

  • Falls and broken hips due to a lack of assistance
  • Pressure sores due to a failure to move a senior or treat a bedsore
  • Deaths due to choking from a lack of supervision
  • Not seeking hospital assistance for medical emergencies or concerns
  • Unexplained death in the care of the home health aide
  • Physical, emotional, or financial abuse of the senior

When a home health aide is negligent and causes injuries, their employer often shares in liability for the harm. Our firm brings cases against home health corporations to hold them accountable for unnecessary injuries to seniors in their own homes.

Consult with Our Seminole County Home Health Aide Neglect Lawyers Right Away

The law firm of Quattrochi, Torres and Taormina fights for the rights of older adults to live safely with the care they need from home health aides. Contact us to discuss any concerns you have about injuries to your loved one. A Seminole County home health aide neglect lawyer is ready to discuss your case.