Assisted Living Facility Neglect
Assisted Living Facility Neglect

Assisted Living Facility Neglect

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Seminole County Assisted Living Facility Neglect Attorneys

There comes a time when a senior adult might need some additional help and support in their daily lives. While they might not need to move into a nursing home, an assisted living facility might be the right transitional place for them. Assisted living facilities should ensure that residents receive the care and services they need, and when these facilities fail to do so, residents can suffer harm.

If your loved one suffered injuries or medical issues due to neglect at an assisted living facility in Seminole County, do not wait to consult with our team at Quattrochi, Torres and Taormina. We work to hold assisted living facilities accountable for any unnecessary harm to residents, and we will stand up for your loved one’s rights.

Injuries from Neglect

Assisted living facilities have specific duties, including the proper supervision of residents for their safety and ensuring that residents do not suffer unnecessary harm. These facilities also need to provide proper shelter and nutrition, as well as responsive medical care. When any of these fall short, the facility should be liable for any injuries that result.

Some cases for assisted living facility neglect stem from:

  • Errors in medication distribution
  • Failure to respond to emergency medical issues
  • Failing to supervise or assist residents who fall and suffer broken hips
  • Allowing residents to wander from the facility alone (elopement)
  • Weight loss and health issues due to improper nutrition or hydration
  • Allowing other residents or visitors to engage in physical or sexual assault with a resident

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If your loved one suffered harm due to the neglect of an assisted living facility, you want the legal team of Quattrochi, Torres and Taormina on your side. Contact us so we can begin helping your loved one.