Seminole County Paralysis Attorney
Protecting the Rights of Paralyzed Accident Victims in Central Florida

Seminole County Paralysis Attorney

Protecting the Rights of Paralyzed Accident Victims in Central Florida

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Some accident victims are fortunate enough to walk away with no injuries or sustain injuries that heal with a few weeks of treatment. On the other hand, some accidents cause injuries that completely change the course of a victim’s life. Paralyzing spinal cord injuries are catastrophic injuries that leave victims with permanent disabilities that can affect almost every aspect of their lives. Paralysis is also an extremely costly condition, and victims should be aware of when they have the right to seek compensation for their losses. You should discuss any paralyzing injuries with our personal injury lawyer at Quattrochi, Torres, and Taormina as soon as possible.

The Costs of Paralysis

Paralysis occurs due to complete spinal cord injuries. These injuries completely disrupt the messages sent from your brain through your nervous system to the parts of the body below the point of the spinal injury. The leading cause of such spinal damage is a traumatic injury caused by traffic accidents, falls, and other similar incidents.

Paralyzing spinal cord injuries can be costly in many ways, and some effects of paralysis can include:

  • Financial – Victims of paralysis often require ongoing medical care from the time of the injury and for the rest of their lives. The may need extensive medical equipment and home health assistance, as well. They also may lose significant earnings if their paralysis keeps them from returning to their previous jobs.
  • Physical and mental – Paralysis will certainly limit a person’s ability to work and engage in their regular activities. This can also take a serious toll on a victim’s mental and emotional well-being.

Contact a Seminole County Paralysis Lawyer for Help

Our personal injury attorney at Quattrochi, Torres, and Taormina handles cases involving catastrophic injuries such as paralysis. If you or a loved one suffered a paralyzing spinal injury, call 407.452.4918 or contact us online for a free consultation today.