Seminole County Uber Accident Attorney
Handling Complex Uber Accident Claims In the Seminole County Area

Seminole County Uber Accident Attorney

Handling Complex Uber Accident Claims In the Seminole County Area

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Uber and similar ride sharing companies have largely changed the transportation industry. With the simple swipe of your phone, you can have a car waiting to pick you up and drive you to your desired destination in only minutes. While millions of people use the Uber service each and every day, there is always a risk that you can be involved in a traffic accident with an Uber driver. Uber accidents can result in complex insurance claims, and you should contact Quattrochi, Torres, and Taormina for assistance as soon as possible after an Uber accident.

Types of Uber Accidents

Crashes involving Uber vehicles can happen in many ways and at different times. These factors are all important to a subsequent claim, and our firm can handle all of the following situations:

  • A negligent Uber driver crashes and injures a passenger in the Uber
  • An off-duty Uber driver crashes and injures motorists in other vehicles
  • An Uber driver injures others while on the way to pick up a passenger
  • A negligent third-party driver crashes into the Uber, and an Uber passenger is injured
  • An Uber driver hits a pedestrian or bicyclist

In some circumstances, such as when the driver is off-duty or has not yet accepted the next fare, the Uber driver’s personal insurance should cover any accident-related injuries. If the Uber driver is on their way to pick up a passenger or has a passenger in the vehicle, Uber’s corporate insurance policy should cover the accident. Other times, a third party driver should be responsible. An experienced car accident attorney can advise you of the necessary course of action in your case.

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