Seminole County Taxi Cab Accident Attorney
Were You Injured in a Taxi Accident? Call Our Seminole County Injury Lawyer

Seminole County Taxi Cab Accident Attorney

Were You Injured in a Taxi Accident? Call Our Seminole County Injury Lawyer

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Taxi cabs can be a convenient way to get around. Taxi drivers commonly transport people from airports to various hotels and resorts across Florida, as well as throughout Casselberry and Seminole County. While taxi cabs can certainly help you get where you want to go when you don’t have access to a vehicle or if you’ve been drinking, accidents involving taxi cabs happen on a regular basis. The resulting accident claims can be complicated, so you should seek help from a skilled taxi cab accident lawyer right away.

Liability for Taxi Cab Accidents

Taxi cabs transport passengers in exchange for a fare and, therefore, the law considers them to be “common carriers.” Common carriers have the highest duty of care of anyone on the road, as they must take the required care to ensure the safety of their passengers. Due to this heightened duty of care, many acts on the part of a taxi driver that cause injuries to passengers will be considered negligent and can result in liability for the passenger’s injuries and losses.

Taxi drivers may also crash into other cars and cause injuries to non-passengers. If the accident happened because of the taxi driver’s negligence, the driver can be held responsible for any injuries they caused. However, if a taxi company employed the driver, that company may also be held liable for the negligence of its employee. These cases can be complicated and can involve multiple insurance claims, so having the help of a knowledgeable attorney is essential.

Learn How Our Experienced Seminole County Florida Taxi Cab Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you were in a taxi accident as a passenger or as a motorist in another vehicle, Quattrochi, Torres, and Taormina is here to assist you. Our car accident attorney can evaluate the best course of action in your situation, so please call 407.452.4918 or contact us online today.