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Roof Insurance Claim Attorney

Roof Insurance Claim Attorney

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No, it’s not too old. Your insurance company issued you an as-is insurance policy for a specific period, usually one year at a time. That means that your insurance company knew how old your roof was and used that information to adjust their premiums. Your insurance company was more than happy to charge you extra for your “old roof”, and it would be unethical for your homeowner’s insurance company to deny your roof claim solely on its age.

You also need to remember that insurance companies are not your friends. Their staff might be local, friendly, and even compassionate sounding. But don’t let that fool you. Your local agent and their customer service representatives do not call the shots. Homeowner’s insurance companies are not charities, and they are not nonprofits. – They are the exact opposite. They are here it maximizes shareholder profits, nothing else. That means, if there is any excuse or reason for paying less or not paying, they will use it.   

To make sure your insurance company is not taking advantage of you, call your local homeowners’ insurance attorneys at (407) 452-4918, Quattrochi & Torres, P.A. Our experienced roof insurance claim attorney is happy to provide you with a free claim evaluation.