Central Florida Hurricane Claims Lawyer
Helping Clients Dealing with Severe Property Damage from Hurricanes

Central Florida Hurricane Claims Lawyer

Helping Clients Dealing with Severe Property Damage from Hurricanes

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Florida home and business owners know how destructive hurricanes and tropical storms can be. When it comes time to evacuate your area, you may be thankful for your safety but afraid of what you’ll find when you come back to your home or business. Often, people comeback to overwhelming property damage and destruction.

You may remind yourself that everything is going to be fine because you have prepared and purchased the right home insurance coverage to pay for hurricane damage. However, you may be devastated again when your insurer refuses to cover all or any of your damage. If this happens, you need an experienced hurricane claims attorney from Quattrochi, Torres, and Taormina on your side as soon as possible.

Hurricane Damage Policies

Homeowners and property insurance companies do not provide “hurricane” coverage. Instead, you must purchase coverage for the flood damage and wind damage that results from a hurricane or tropical storm. If you’re unsure whether you have flood and wind coverage in Florida, you should discuss it with your insurance agent right away.

You will often have to make two separate claims – one based on the flooding and one based on destruction from the wind. However, know that thousands of others are also making the same claims at the same time. The insurance companies will seek to limit payouts as much as possible, often resulting in inadequate settlement offers or denials. Our skilled insurance claims lawyer can help you prove the extent of the flood and wind damage to your property and can negotiate for the full settlement you deserve.

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