Partition Lawsuits
Partition Lawsuits

Partition Lawsuits

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Florida Partition Lawyers

There are many situations where multiple people own property in Florida and cannot agree on what to do with it. One party might want to sell the property and divide the proceeds, while others might want to keep all ownership rights intact.

Often, in this situation, the legal solution is one or more parties filing a partition lawsuit with the county court where the property is. The lawsuit asks the court to decide how to divide (partition) the property and resolve the dispute between the owners. If you believe you need to file a partition lawsuit or jointly own property with someone who filed a lawsuit, reach out to the Florida partition claim lawyers at Priority Justice today.

How Partition Lawsuits Work

When joint real estate owners cannot agree on what to do with their property, a partition lawsuit might:

  • Order the sale of the property
  • Determine the value of the property (if in dispute)
  • How owners will divide expenses if they maintain property ownership

These cases might coincide with divorces, business disputes, estate and probate matters, and other cases.

Whether you want to take action to sell a property or you want to stop a partition lawsuit, you need effective legal representation. Our law firm handles every step of these matters, including evaluating all titles, deeds, and contracts to ensure the partition action is proper. We identify our clients’ goals regarding the real estate and advise of all possible options to achieve their objectives, whether this involves selling or retaining the property.

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At the law firm of Quattrochi, Torres, and Taormina , justice is our priority when it comes to our clients. If you need assistance with a real estate partition case, please reach out to our team to discuss your options. Contact us online or call 407.452.4918 today.