Seminole County HOA and Condo Law Attorneys
Condo and HOA Lawyers Helping Homeowners Protecting their Rights

Seminole County HOA and Condo Law Attorneys

Condo and HOA Lawyers Helping Homeowners Protecting their Rights

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Homeowners Association and Condo Lien Foreclosure Defense

We feel your pain. Attorney Joe Taormina has spoken with countless property owners who have faced collection efforts from their HOA or Condo Association and the frustration is shared by many.  The process starts with letters from the Association or the management company, and usually escalates to letters from a law firm, and if not resolved results in a lawsuit for foreclosure.

We help homeowners by defending the foreclosure lawsuit and work to get the fees reduced so that our clients do not overpay for late fees,interest, costs, collection fees, attorneys fee, and other items on the ledger.  For most of our clients, we are able to get the balances reduced, and many times we pay for our services by saving our clients money. 

The confusion with HOA and Condo balances usually stems from one late or missed payment or other charge, and can snowball into much larger,and expensive, problem.  The foreclosure defense attorneys at Quattrochi, Torres, and Taormina will work to rewind some of that process so that the balance is manageable.

In addition to often reducing our client’s balances, we are often able to work out a payment plan with the Association and their attorneys so that you can spread the balance into monthly payments.

Our HOA and Condo defense attorneys service foreclosure clients all across Florida, and regularly appear   court in Seminole, Orange, Brevard, Volusia, Pinellas, and many other counties across Florida.  With most courts implementing telephonic and video hearings, we can cover even more counties and provide foreclosure defense service to more clients. 

Most of our clients never step foot in a courtroom and resolve their cases via email and a few phone calls.

We make it easy to schedule a remote consultation with Attorney Joe Taormina or one of our other attorneys and can usually handle the intake process over the phone.  We can send documents to you for e-signature and can process payments online through our secured portal and we accept payment plans.