Seminole County HOA and Condo Law Attorneys
Condo and HOA Lawyers Helping Homeowners Protecting their Rights

Seminole County HOA and Condo Law Attorneys

Condo and HOA Lawyers Helping Homeowners Protecting their Rights

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Homeowners’associations and condo boards deal with many legal issues on a daily basis. Homeowners in these communities also face legal issues, and their property ownership rights can be impaired as a result of disputes with their HOA or condo board.  A Seminole County HOA and condo law attorney can help both boards and homeowners protect their legal rights. Call Quattrochi and Torres at 407.452.4918 to schedule your consultation.

In an ideal situation, homeowners and their association act under a system of checks and balances. The HOA or condo board sets for standards and enforces these rules against all homeowners. The homeowners, in turn, hold the Board accountable for accounting for funds, appropriate management, fair assessments, and other required duties. These checks and balances are important to ensure fairness for all homeowners in a community. When disputes arise, an experienced HOA attorney can help both the Board and homeowners hold one another accountable. Here are just some of the HOA issues our experienced condo lawyers handle:

  • Land acquisition, zoning and permitting
  • Site development and construction contracts
  • HOAformation and incorporation
  • Creatingbylaws and amendments
  • Negotiatingdisputes between homeowners
  • Negotiatingviolation disputes between HOAs and homeowners
  • Writing contracts to protect HOA interests
  • Enforcing contracts against vendors
  • Collection actions against delinquent homeowners
  • Wrongfulassessments by an HOA
  • Sale and turnover procedures
  • Breaches of fiduciary duty by property managers or HOA directors

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There are many complicated legal issues that can create disputes between homeowners and their HOA or condo board. By having clear, effective documentation, these disputes can be resolved with minimal time and expense. Many of these disputes can be prevented altogether. The experienced Casselberry HOA attorneys at Quattrochi and Torres have helped many HOAs and homeowners resolve their disputes and protect their legal rights. Schedule your free consultation by calling 407.452.4918 or contacting us online.