Seminole County Evictions Attorneys
Representing Landlords and Tenants with Legal Issues Related to Evictions

Seminole County Evictions Attorneys

Representing Landlords and Tenants with Legal Issues Related to Evictions

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Flat Fee for Uncontested Evictions in Central Florida $999 plus court fees.

Evictions and Unlawful Detainers

Joe Taormina is an Orlando Eviction attorney that regularly helps landlords recover their property from tenant who are not paying rent, or who have breached the lease in other ways.

An Eviction and an Unlawful Detainer are both legal actions to recover possession of real property. Recovering possession is legal speak for getting somebody out of your house. 

The difference between an Eviction and Unlawful Detainer is that an Eviction is used when there is a landlord/tenant relationship, which is mostly evident by some sort of rent payment(s) in the past.  An Unlawful Detainer is appropriate when the relationship is not one of landlord/tenant but rather when a property owner has someone living in house that shouldn’t be living there.  This can happen a couple of ways, but usually the person was invited in and has now overstayed that welcome.  (It happens more than you’d think).

Attorney Joe Taormina and the other eviction attorneys at Quattrochi, Torres, and Taormina can handle evictions or unlawful detainers for landlords all across Florida.  We have handled evictions in Orange, Seminole, Volusia, Lake, Polk, Brevard, and other Central Florida counties and are able to cover the entire state of Florida.  We take care of the entire process from the sending of the Three-Day Notice to sending the Writ of Possession for posting and arranging a locksmith. 

We normally charge a flat fee for uncontested eviction and convert that to hourly if the eviction becomes contested. 

Most of our clients never step foot in a courtroom and resolve their cases via email and a few phone calls.

We make it easy to schedule a remote consultation with Attorney Joe Taormina or one of our other attorneys and can usually handle the intake process over the phone.  We can send documents to you for e-signature and can process payments online through our secured portal.