Seminole County Construction Law Attorneys
Qualified to Handle All of Your Legal Needs Related to Construction Projects

Seminole County Construction Law Attorneys

Qualified to Handle All of Your Legal Needs Related to Construction Projects

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Construction projects are a hotbed of legal issues. Developers, landowners, government regulators, neighboring business owners, and many others all have a stake in the multi-million-dollar outcome. It is, therefore, important for each stakeholder to protect his or her individual property rights and financial interests. A Seminole County construction law attorney can help identify issues and proactively address potential problems. This investment can save large amounts of time and money in addressing disputes after a problem has occurred. Call Quattrochi and Torres at 407.452.4918 to schedule your consultation. Our skilled real estate lawyers have helped protect the property rights of many Floridians. They can help you and your business, as well.

There are many different parties involved in construction projects, and there are many different legal issues they can face. Our real estate attorneys are experienced in handling legal issues at every stage of the construction process. Here are just some of the many construction issues our lawyers handle:

  • Representing individuals and businesses facing disputes with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation over contracting licenses.
  • Contract drafting and review
  • Construction lien enforcement and resolution of disputed liens
  • Bonding and insurance issues
  • Contract enforcement
  • Collections and non-payment disputes
  • Warranty issues
  • Construction defect litigation
  • Professional liability claims against architects, contractors, and engineers
  • Personal injury and wrongful death claims arising on the worksite

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The stakes are high on construction projects. Financial, legal, and property rights are all on the line. Protect your interests by consulting with an experienced Seminole County construction law attorney. Call 407.452.4918 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation. At Quattrochi and Torres, we have helped many developers, construction companies, and landowners protect their legal rights. We can help your construction project continue with as few legal issues as possible.