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Many Florida businesses had to shut down temporarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related public health orders. Even a short suspension of operations is enough to set your company back significantly and cause you to fall behind on expenses, business debts, and contractual obligations. Many owners are rightfully concerned about the financial future of their companies and might be wondering what they might do. 

Many businesses are turning to their commercial insurance policies for potential financial relief. Most commercial property insurance policies include “business disruption” or “loss of use” coverage if you cannot operate from your business space for certain reasons. However, business interruption claims can be complicated, and insurers are denying many claims stemming from the Coronavirus crisis. You should speak with a business interruption lawyer in Casselberry about your options. 

Business Disruption Insurance Claims

This type of coverage provides benefits if your company loses income because you cannot use your commercial property for a period of time. If you experience loss of physical property, a claim might allow you to recoup your income losses, though there are certain requirements for a successful claim. 

Generally, there has to be physical damage to the property that prevents business from operating, such as from a fire or natural disaster, to qualify for benefits. Many insurance companies are stating a virus is not a qualifying reason, as there is no physical property loss. Therefore, insurers have already denied numerous claims citing COVID-19 as the reason for losses. 

It might still be important to file an insurance claim in a timely manner, and then appeal the denial once it happens. Many of these denials might be overturned in the coming weeks and months. You should speak to an experienced business insurance claims attorney right away. 

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