Pinellas Landlord Extends the Spirit of Giving This Holiday Season

Pinellas Landlord Extends the Spirit of Giving This Holiday Season

Pinellas Landlord Extends the Spirit of Giving This Holiday Season

The news over the past year was grim, as the global pandemic caused millions of deaths across the globe. The economic effects of the pandemic have shuttered small businesses, caused millions of job layoffs and pay cuts, and exposed many Florida families to the threat of homelessness through eviction or foreclosure. But even in spite of these terrible events, there are moments of kindness in a year that has been so very difficult.

The TampaBay Times reports that one property management company in Pinellas sought to find a solution to the very real problems their tenants were having paying rent. The company manages about five hundred affordable housing units occupied by low-income families – those who have been most affected by the pandemic.

Instead of finding a way to get their money back right away or get around eviction proceedings, the company’s property management director came up with an amazingly compassionate solution. These tenants can have $100 in rent forgiven for every hour they spend volunteering with a local charity. Thus, the company is not only helping low-income Florida families keep a safe home to shelter in during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are also encouraging the community volunteer work that is so needed in this time of unprecedented challenges.

It should be noted that these properties are managed by a nonprofit organization. Corporate property managers have been much less forgiving when it comes to past-due rent. Tenants should explore their options and be sure that their legal rights are respected.

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