Pensacola Homeowner Tries to Prevent Foreclosure Due to HOA Lien

Pensacola Homeowner Tries to Prevent Foreclosure Due to HOA Lien

Pensacola Homeowner Tries to Prevent Foreclosure Due to HOA Lien

The coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented financial hardship for many Florida homeowners. While emergency rules have helped to prevent some foreclosures, there are still homeowners across Florida who are being threatened with eviction – even over absurdly small debts.

According to the Pensacola News Journal, a young father in Beulah tried to keep his home after the unexpected death of his wife. He struggled to pay the mortgage and eventually managed to prevent his lender from foreclosing. His HOA, however, was not so accepting. They sent a collection notice for $856.

When the homeowner tried to contact them, the HOA and its attorneys were slow to respond to his communications. Eventually, their lawyers agreed to a reduced payoff amount, but then sent paperwork demanding the full amount, and did not respond to the homeowner’s requests for an explanation. The HOA’s attorneys filed an eviction case in late 2019. They received a judgment in April 2020,just one week after Governor DeSantis’ emergency foreclosure moratorium went into effect. But the emergency order did not clearly apply to lien foreclosures, and because of this, the home was allowed to be put up for auction. 

It is unclear what will happen to this particular Florida homeowner. But this complicated case shows just how devastating even a small HOA debt can become. It is important for homeowners to get legal advice about any liens against their property as soon as possible. The sooner you get help, the better options you will have for resolving debts and keeping your home.

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