Possible Evidence in a Personal Injury Case

Possible Evidence in a Personal Injury Case

Possible Evidence in a Personal Injury Case

The types of evidence you want to submit in a personal injury case depend, ultimately, on the nature of your injury. A defamation case does not take the same evidence or proof as a car accident. So, for purposes of this post, let’s assume you were in a motor vehicle accident and the other party is at fault. You have some pretty severe injuries which will keep you off work for some time, may impact your ability to do your old job, and are causing you to suffer rather severely.

Evidence for Your Damages

The following table shows some of the damages you suffered and what evidence you might offer to prove them.

Damages Suffered Evidence to Submit
Physical injuries, such as broken bones, burns, traumatic brain injury Medical bills, prescriptions, hospital bills, therapy bills, costs for assistive equipment or staff; you may have clothing or photos from the scene that show how severely you were injured before you left the scene for medical attention; insurance claims  
Lost Wages Prior pay stubs; records of time missed from work
Loss of Earning Capacity Expert testimony relating to your prior job and why you can no longer do it  
Pain and Suffering Expert testimony as to the level of your pain and how it impacts your life and ability to work; you may also present testimony from friends and family demonstrating how you’ve changed since the accident due to your pain  
Property Damage to Your Vehicle Repair and replacement bills; photos of the scene of the accident showing your vehicle after the accident; insurance claims; if you are physically able to do so, take pictures or video with your phone at the accident scene  
Loss of Consortium Testimony of spouse or domestic partner as to the loss of companionship; medical evidence and testimony regarding any related loss of function or psychological problems

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