Common Injuries on Halloween

Common Injuries on Halloween

Common Injuries on Halloween

As Halloween quickly approaches, you should stay aware of what common accidents and injuries happen on this holiday. While October 31st is often a cause for celebration for people of all ages, Halloween can quickly be ruined when a serious injury occurs to you or your child.

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Pedestrian Accidents

When there are a great many children wandering about the streets in costumes after dark, the potential for pedestrian accidents increase. More children in the streets require that drivers be more attentive and careful, but this is not always the case, and trick-or-treaters may be hit by cars. Halloween often logs more pedestrian accidents than any other day of the year.

Drunk-Driving Accidents

A big part of Halloween for adults isn’t the candy but often the parties. Costume parties for adults involving alcohol are very common in the modern world and a source of drunk driving incidents each year on Halloween. When party-goers make the unwise – and unlawful – decision to get behind the wheel of a car, drunk driving car accidents, as well as pedestrian accidents, are increasingly more common.

Slips and Falls on Poorly Kept Property

If you are out trick-or-treating with your children, you might visit many other properties in the neighborhood. While Halloween decorations are festive, they can also cause injury hazards for visitors trying to get candy. If people have items left on stairs or walkways, people can trip or slip and fall down, suffering injuries. Homeowners who invite others onto their property have a duty to keep it safe, but with the foot traffic on Halloween, injuries can easily happen.

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