Nearly One Million Florida Families Could Face Eviction in Early 2021

Nearly One Million Florida Families Could Face Eviction in Early 2021

Nearly One Million Florida Families Could Face Eviction in Early 2021

The financial effects of this global crisis have affected many Florida families. Federal moratoriums on eviction and foreclosure have helped many Florida residents stay in their homes throughout the coronavirus pandemic, but these will not last forever. Current expirations in early 2021 mean that Floridians need to plan now for how to stay in their homes once these moratoriums are lifted. WFTV reports that between 400,000 and 900,000 Florida families could face eviction when federal moratoriums expire.

Some housing programs are likely to soon be refunded through the second stimulus bill passed during the past week of 2020. Many housing assistance programs were scrambling to distribute initial CARES Act funds before the end of the year (when the funds would revert to the federal government). This depleted their funds, and many programs stopped accepting applications. But with a second round of stimulus funding – and the possibility of a third in the near future – these programs could soon be ready to distribute financial aid again. Residents should be sure they get on the lists for their local programs and stay in touch to be sure they are in line for funds when they become available.

If you do face eviction or foreclosure when these federal moratoriums expire, it is important to have legal advice. You have legal rights that must be protected throughout these processes.

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