Miami Landlord Scammed By Eviction Service

Miami Landlord Scammed By Eviction Service

Miami Landlord Scammed By Eviction Service

Landlords all across Florida are in a difficult position. Many tenants have fallen behind on rent during the pandemic, but eviction protections prevent landlords from actually having delinquent tenants removed from their properties. Some tenants have been living rent-free for nearly a year now. The financial burden on landlords is significant, and many are looking for solutions to this problem. But landlords must beware that there are many scams out there that can leave them with the same problems – and even further in debt.

The Miami Herald reports that Linda Mallard, 66, is a retiree who depends on rental income to support herself and her elderly father. When one of their tenants stopped paying rent in February 2020, she paid an eviction service $50 to serve her tenant with a notice to quit. The very next day, a moratorium was announced on evictions being carried out by the Miami-Dade Police Department.

Still, Ms. Mallard paid the company $500 to file her case with the court in the hopes that she would be near the front of the line as soon as evictions resumed. The case was never filed. Months later, Ms. Mallard is out her $550, owed about$6000 in past-due rent, and is unable to remove the tenant from her property. Now, she needs costly legal advice to undo the damage caused by the unscrupulous eviction service.

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