Miami-Dade County Works to Develop Affordable Housing

Miami-Dade County Works to Develop Affordable Housing

Miami-Dade County Works to Develop Affordable Housing

Miami-Dade is among the least affordable housing markets in the entire nation. The robust real estate market has appreciated steadily in recent years, which is good news for long term property owners. But renters and new homebuyers are finding that much of the new housing is not affordable to them -especially as the higher housing prices have not been offset by higher wages. This has created an affordable housing crisis.

Fewer and fewer affordable housing units are available in the Miami metro area every year. This is a problem for the essential workers whose services are vital in the community. Like many local governments, Miami-Dade County is working to address the lack of affordable housing for its residents.

The county announced the launch of its Housing Affordability Tracker in October 2020. This allows residents to track new developments and other affordable housing options within the county. The county’s website also tracks other housing developments and programs through the Department of Public Housing and Community Development.

The programs and development in Miami-Dade County are an important component of a comprehensive solution to a systemic problem. Unfortunately, these long term goals are not able to offer immediate help to the thousands of Florida families who are facing eviction and foreclosure now.  You have legal rights during these processes. You may also have the right to protection under federal moratoriums and other local rules.

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