Manatee County Opens Applications for 2021 Housing Assistance Program

Manatee County Opens Applications for 2021 Housing Assistance Program

Manatee County Opens Applications for 2021 Housing Assistance Program

All across Florida, local housing assistance programs are finally seeing the funds from the second coronavirus relief bill. Congress authorized billions of dollars for housing aid and eviction prevention in late 2020. Unfortunately, it has taken weeks for these funds to be distributed to state governments and allotted to the local programs that actually distribute this money to the residents that need it. But the funds are here, and local Florida tenants will finally get the help that is so desperately needed in these challenging times.

According to My Sun Coast, Manatee County opened its online application system back on February 16th. The Emergency Rental Assistance Program will pay funds directly to landlords. These funds can be applied toward rental payments or to utility payments that are made by a landlord. Applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements and file an online application. Grants can be made for up to twelve months’ worth of rental payments.

By making payments directly to landlords, the Emergency Rental Assistance program can help both landlords and tenants ease their financial burdens caused by the coronavirus pandemic. A housing attorney can help landlords and tenants explore all available options to negotiate past due rent. This could include finding emergency housing funds and programs, negotiating repayment plans, or exploring other options.

For example, some tenants are willing to vacate a property without formal eviction proceedings in order to keep the eviction off their housing record. This helps the landlord mitigate the financial losses caused by past due rent, and also makes it easier for the tenant to secure alternate housing in a more permanent situation.

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