Jacksonville to See Nearly $29 Million in Housing Aid

Jacksonville to See Nearly $29 Million in Housing Aid

Jacksonville to See Nearly $29 Million in Housing Aid

Both landlords and tenants are hurting from the financial effects of the coronavirus. Luckily, the second round of federal stimulus funding has provided over a billion dollars worth of funding for various Florida relief programs. Those funds are finally making their way to local housing programs right herein Jacksonville.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Mayor Lenny Curry has announced that nearly $29 million of federal aid will be used to help Duval County residents pay for rent and utilities. The City Council must approve legislation that accepts the federal funding on conditions set by Congress. Once this is done, the county will partner with United Way and JEA to distribute funds and get rent and utility payments made for the families that need help.

There are eligibility requirements for the program. Applicants must be residents of Duval County. They can earn no more than 80 percent of the median household income for the area, and they must demonstrate economic hardship because of the pandemic (such as the loss of a job or reduced hours). Applicants must also have a “documented risk” of homelessness or an unstable housing situation. Finally, if residents have previously received federal aid for rent, they cannot claim assistance for the same time period.   

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