Jacksonville Adds More Funds For Eviction and Foreclosure Relief

Jacksonville Adds More Funds For Eviction and Foreclosure Relief

Jacksonville Adds More Funds For Eviction and Foreclosure Relief

The CDC’s moratorium on residential evictions will end on December 31st. If no other rules are put in place by federal or state authorities, it is likely that Florida will face a housing crisis, as the backlog of 2020 eviction cases hits our state courts all at once. More importantly: this could also create a public health crisis. Staying home is one of the most important steps that health authorities have recommended to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Now, as the country faces a new wave of COVID-19 infections, thousands of Florida families could be left without shelter when they need it most. Luckily there is still help available to help Florida renters avoid eviction. 

The Florida Times-Union reports that the Jacksonville City Council has voted to add funds to its emergency housing fund. This find was initially funded with $5.3 million from the CARES Act. Now the City Council has authorized an additional $1.5 million from its CARES Act allotment. This is good news for the many applicants who are seeking financial assistance – in the first week of the program, the City received thousands of applications. The City has until December 30th to use its total $167 million allotment from the CARES Act.

In order to use as much of these funds as possible, the City wisely chose to move remaining funds to the programs that were in the highest demand. Across the country, financial aid to avoid foreclosures and evictions is one of the most pressing concerns from Americans suffering from the financial effects of the COVID-19pandemic.

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