It is Boating Accident Season in Florida

It is Boating Accident Season in Florida

It is Boating Accident Season in Florida

With the summer heat, many Floridians take to the water on boats and other watercraft. Boating is a longtime favorite activity in Florida, but it can also be a highly dangerous one when something goes wrong. Boating accidents can result in severe injuries to victims and, too often, tragic fatalities.

When you are getting ready to go out on a boat, you should always remember to be cautious. However, no matter how careful you might be, you cannot control how others on the water conduct themselves. Negligence can happen in many ways and lead to serious crashes and injuries.

Common Causes

There are many possible causes of boat accidents in Florida, including:

  • Inexperienced boat operators
  • Operators impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Distracted boat operators
  • Boat operators who violate the rules and regulations of the water
  • Boats that malfunction due to defects
  • Personal watercraft that malfunction due to defects
  • Improper procedures when engaging in watersports
  • Not heeding warning signs along the coast

When a boat crashes, people can be injured in many ways. Someone might fall overboard, others might stay aboard but might hit objects inside the boat and suffer traumatic injuries. Swimmers in the water might also get hit by boats, and larger boats might crash into smaller watercraft like jet skis.

No matter how a boat accident happens, the potential for devastating injuries exists. Victims can seek financial recovery for their injuries if someone else’s negligence caused an injury or the death of a close family member.

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