Florida Evictions Connected With the Recent Increase in COVID Cases

Florida Evictions Connected With the Recent Increase in COVID Cases

Florida Evictions Connected With the Recent Increase in COVID Cases

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, Florida renters had strong protections from eviction. This was due to a clear order enacted by Governor DeSantis in March. Eviction filings were at historic lows until August. At that time, the governor reworded his order, and this allowed some landlords to begin filing eviction cases. The number of cases filed in August was four times what had been filed in the previous four months combined.

Finally, state protections were allowed to expire altogether when the CDC enacted a nationwide ban on residential evictions. While this federal rule does offer protection to Florida renters, it is harder to qualify for protection under the CDC rule than the previous state rules. The CDC rule requires tenants to state that they would end up in a homeless shelter or in close quarters with others if they were evicted. This is a high bar for most tenants to meet. Because of it, Florida evictions have been on the rise since August, and experts believe these evictions have caused hundreds of thousands of additional coronavirus cases.

According to WFTV 9, researchers estimate that an additional 433,000 coronavirus cases and 10,700 were caused by evictions that forced tenants to move in with others. This estimate was just through September3. Now, in December, these numbers could be exponentially higher. Experts believe that the increase in evictions is actually causing an increase inCOVID-19 infections and deaths. Those facing eviction are thus left with not only a financial crisis, but a medical one, as well.

Luckily there are still cities across Florida that have financial aid available to tenants who need help to avoid eviction. Federal funds from the CARES Act must be used by the end of the year or be forfeited back to the federal government. Because of this, many cities have made last-minute infusions of cash into their housing programs. 

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