Financial Assistance for South Florida Housing is On the Way

Financial Assistance for South Florida Housing is On the Way

Financial Assistance for South Florida Housing is On the Way

The CARES Act provided a huge amount of funding for local housing assistance programs across the country in 2020. Unfortunately, these funds had been largely depleted by the end of the year, and many Florida families have struggled to make rent payments in early 2021. The good news is that there is help on the way once again. Congress authorized a second stimulus bill that has already distributed millions of dollars to state and local governments. These funds are finally reaching local programs that are working hard to get help to families across Southern Florida.

So what help is available – and when can residents expect relief? The South FloridaSun-Sentinel reports on the rollout of housing assistance programs across Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties. On Valentine’s Day, the Sentinel reported that these counties would begin accepting applications and issuing payments in the coming weeks. This lines up with similar March 1 target dates that are being set by other counties across the state. These counties plan to work with tenants who are at the greatest risk of eviction.

This means that those who have been out of work or had their hours reduced, or earn less than half of the median area income could be prioritized in receiving program benefits. The programs will also work directly with landlords, which will also help make it easier to get payments issued and clear the accounts of tenants who owe past-due rent.

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