Federal Housing Assistance is Not the Only Way to Pay the Rent

Federal Housing Assistance is Not the Only Way to Pay the Rent

Federal Housing Assistance is Not the Only Way to Pay the Rent

Over the past year, thousands of Florida families have relied on emergency federal housing funds in order to stay off the streets during a global pandemic. Unfortunately, many local housing programs ran out of funds before the end of the year and are only now starting to see an infusion of funds from the second federal stimulus package. These funds will help.

Unfortunately, they, too, are limited, and it is likely that there simply won’t be enough money to help all the Florida families who need it. This is why it is important for Florida residents to explore other financial support services that can help them secure housing, utilities, food, and other necessities for their families. Business Insider reports on several key sources of financial support: 

  • Unemployment benefits: Referred to as “reemployment assistance” here in Florida, these benefits can provide income while a worker is between jobs. Florida has strict requirements that employees must meet. If you are eligible, however, these benefits provide cash that can be applied to any number of bills. Congress is also debating a potential temporary federal supplement to state unemployment benefits. This could provide even more financial support to workers whose jobs have been cut due to the pandemic.
  • Utility Payments: Florida’s Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides grants to local governments and non-profit agencies to help residents pay their utility bills.
  • Food Programs: There are many different resources available to supplement your family’s food resources. In addition to federal benefits through the SNAP program or food stamps, food banks across the state have received extensive federal funding and generous donations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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