Liability for a Drunk Driving Trucking Crash

Liability for a Drunk Driving Trucking Crash

Liability for a Drunk Driving Trucking Crash

Commercial truck drivers have the great responsibility of operating the largest vehicles on our highways safely. When a semi-truck is in a crash, severe or fatal injuries can result, so drivers must take the utmost of care behind the wheel. Sadly, not only do some truck drivers make mistakes, but some make unlawful and highly dangerous judgment calls that change the lives of others in an instant.

When a truck driver is under the influence of alcohol and causes a crash, victims deserve nothing less than full compensation for all of their injuries or wrongful death. If you suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a truck crash, contact the Oviedo and Casselberry truck accident lawyers for help immediately.

Complicated Liability Issues in Truck Accident Claims

The truck driver is the one who decided to drive while drunk, so it only makes sense they should be liable for the crash-related injuries. However, truck drivers might not have high enough insurance policy limits to cover all of your damages. Your attorney can look at other sources of possible liability.

In most cases, trucking companies can be vicariously liable for the actions of their drivers. Further, if the company knew the driver had a history of drunk driving or similar conduct and still hired them, the company can be found negligent on its own.

In rare cases, an establishment that sold the driver alcohol might share liability, but this depends on the circumstances and the state where the driver drank alcohol. If it was in Florida, the driver would have to be underage or a habitually addicted person for this liability to apply.

A Casselberry and Oviedo Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

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