Diversion Programs Are Reducing Florida Eviction Cases

Diversion Programs Are Reducing Florida Eviction Cases

Diversion Programs Are Reducing Florida Eviction Cases

2020 has been a brutal year for both landlords and tenants. In spite of these challenges, local eviction diversion programs are still working hard to help Florida residents, and the numbers show that they are having good results. WFTV reports that Orange County has been running a unique eviction diversion program since August. Using funds from the CARES Act, the program offers up to $4000 per landlord. Landlords can use these funds to cover unpaid rent and other costs so long as they agree not to initiate eviction proceedings before the end of 2020.

The CARES Act funds are forfeited back to the federal government if they are not distributed by the end of 2020. The program is working hard to make funds available to residents in Orange County before that deadline, and millions of dollars have already been distributed. In just fourteen days, a record $900,000 was paid to landlords. The second stimulus bill passed by Congress has been signed into law, and it also provides another significant round of funding for eviction prevention.

It is not yet clear how and when these funds will be distributed. The good news is that local programs such as the one in Orange County already have the infrastructure in place to efficiently manage these programs. Staff, administrative procedures, and program policies are already in place to run the program effectively and get funds to those who need them. Landlords and tenants should stay in touch with these programs to ensure they stay on the list for funds as they become available.

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