Could 3-D Printing Solve Florida’s Affordable Housing Crisis?

Could 3-D Printing Solve Florida’s Affordable Housing Crisis?

Could 3-D Printing Solve Florida’s Affordable Housing Crisis?

As the gap between Florida wages and Florida home values continues to widen, many families are faced with a lack of affordable housing options. This problem has been brought into sharp focus by the financial effects of the coronavirus pandemic. While the problem is a challenging one, some entrepreneurs are tackling it with innovative solutions. 3-D printing is the latest technology to be championed in developing better affordable housing options.

Fox Business spoke with an Oakland startup company that wants to revolutionize affordable housing. Mighty Buildings is a construction company that uses 3-Dprinting to create “accessory dwelling units” (ADUs) that are similar to tiny houses. Their units can be produced for not only 40 percent less cost than comparable units, but also at twice the speed. The company has worked hard to ensure that its units are compliant with the California Building Code and energy requirements.

Mighty Buildings is looking to expand and revolutionize the housing industry. One of their biggest challenges has been housing regulations. Many regulators are not yet fully on board with the modular housing trend, and this can make it difficult to ensure their units will be legally classified as dwellings. But as the affordable housing crisis expands throughout the country, more and more regulators are accepting modular housing as an important residential option.

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Modular housing, tiny houses, and 3-D printing all provide exciting housing possibilities for Florida residents. Unfortunately, this does not help the thousands of families who are facing immediate housing challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic. The experienced Casselberry and Oviedo eviction and foreclosure attorneys at Quattrochi, Torres, and Taormina are here to help all Florida residents stay in their homes to stop the spread of COVID-19. Call 407.452.4918or contact us online today to schedule your free consultation.