Charlotte County to Get More Affordable Units Through Habitat For Humanity

Charlotte County to Get More Affordable Units Through Habitat For Humanity

Charlotte County to Get More Affordable Units Through Habitat For Humanity

Affordable housing has become an immediate crisis for thousands of Florida families. Many have accessed emergency pandemic funding to make housing payments or relied on federal moratoriums on evictions and foreclosures to stay in their homes. These are temporary measures that will not help families keep a roof over their heads forever.

Local charitable organizations are also helping where they can, as the SunPort Charlotte reports that seventy new homes will be built in Charlotte County. This is due to the combined efforts of the Patterson Foundation, which bought $1 million in mortgages from Habitat for Humanity, and construction efforts by Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte County. This will allow the nonprofit organization to expand its efforts to construct, rehabilitate and build homes for families in need. With the ongoing financial effects of the devastating coronavirus pandemic, Habitat for Humanity’s services are in demand now more than ever.

While these charitable efforts are making a real difference for Charlotte County families, there are still thousands of Florida families who are in need of immediate housing assistance. The affordable housing crisis has become much, much worse as the devastating financial impact of COVID-19continues to hit Florida hard. When eviction and foreclosure moratoriums expire(currently set to happen in early 2021), many families could face the prospect of homelessness.

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