Even Rear-End Crashes Can be Serious

Even Rear-End Crashes Can be Serious

Even Rear-End Crashes Can be Serious

Many people refer to rear-end collisions as “fender benders” since these crashes tend to happen at slower speeds and cause minimal damage to the vehicles involved. However, never underestimate a rear-end collision’s ability to result in serious injuries. Always get a medical evaluation and, if you have injuries, discuss your rights with an Oviedo and Casselberry car accident attorney.

Common Injuries from Rear-End Accidents

When another vehicle slams into the back of your car, you often have no warning the accident is about to occur. You do not have time to brace yourself or take any action to prepare for the impact.

A rear-end impact can jolt your body forward and back – often violently. This can happen even if you are wearing a seat belt and if airbags deploy. These safety features do little to protect you from this jolt and the resulting injuries to your body. Some common injuries include:

  • Whiplash, which is soft tissue damage in your neck
  • Concussions, which can result from a violent jolt, even if you do not suffer direct head trauma
  • Rotator cuff and other shoulder soft tissue injuries
  • Knee and joint injuries
  • Facial fractures or contusions from airbag deployment
  • Hand and arm fractures if you are holding a steering wheel
  • Chest contusions and other damage from seat belts pulling tight against you as you fly forward

All of these injuries need medical care, resulting in medical bills and other losses. Whenever someone else causes a crash, and you suffer losses, you have the right to seek compensation for your losses. This is true no matter how minor a rear-end collision might seem at first.

A Casselberry and Oviedo Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you have injuries from any type of car crash, speak with the legal team of Quattrochi, Torres & Taormina, P.A. Contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation case evaluation today.