Bundle of Hope Program Helps Expectant Mothers Secure Permanent Housing

Bundle of Hope Program Helps Expectant Mothers Secure Permanent Housing

Bundle of Hope Program Helps Expectant Mothers Secure Permanent Housing

Housing has become a crisis in Florida. A lack of affordable housing was only exacerbated by the prolonged financial effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, thousands of Florida families are facing eviction and foreclosure. There are many programs available to help Florida families stay at home and stop the spread of COVID-19.

It is important to start exploring these options early – if you wait until your landlord has already started the eviction process, it might be too late to stay in your home. It will also be more difficult to find alternative housing on short notice.

Housing programs are designed to help all Florida families. Now, there is a special program designed for pregnant women. According to Action News Jax, the Bundle of Hope room is part of a program through The Salvation Army of Northeast Florida that is designed to offer expecting mothers comprehensive support. The room provides housing for up to two pregnant women at a time.

While they are staying in the room, these mothers work with case managers to obtain safe, permanent housing and address other support needs. Some mothers may need counseling, substance abuse treatment, or support for victims of domestic violence. All of these social support systems allow expectant mothers to obtain- and stay in – stable long-term housing.  

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