An Estimated 20 Million Americans Are Behind on Rent

An Estimated 20 Million Americans Are Behind on Rent

An Estimated 20 Million Americans Are Behind on Rent

The coronavirus has wreaked financial havoc on a federal, state, local and personal level for many households for nearly a full year now. While large governments and businesses have many avenues available for recovery, families and individuals are much more limited in their options.

Far too many Americans are now facing eviction. If you have been having trouble keeping up with your rent, you are not alone. Business Insider reports that twenty million Americans are in the same boat. That is roughly equivalent to the entire population of our State of Florida.

While financial relief has come with the second stimulus package, there are other critical steps Florida residents must take to protect their legal rights as tenants. Simply knowing what your legal rights are can stop a landlord’s unlawful attempts to force you out without a lawful eviction order. Unfortunately, some desperate Florida landlords have resorted to these tactics. Shutting off your utilities, making threats, and other types of harassment are unlawful.

Florida is a judicial eviction state. This means that a landlord must go to court, prove his or her case, and get an order signed by a judge in order to legally evict a tenant. The tenant has the right to go to court and make objections to the eviction. This is important, as the state and federal eviction bans have been overlapping and confusing. Tenants must also prove that they are eligible for relief.

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In order to protect yourself and your family from being kicked out of your house illegally, you must know how to prove you are eligible for relief under the extended CDC ban on evictions. You don’t have to do this alone. The experienced Florida eviction attorneys at Quattrochi, Torres, and Taormina are ready to help Florida tenants prevent eviction whenever possible during and after theCOVID-19 pandemic. Call 407.452.4918 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.