Affordable Housing Projects in Florida Have Been Defunded By the Pandemic

Affordable Housing Projects in Florida Have Been Defunded By the Pandemic

Affordable Housing Projects in Florida Have Been Defunded By the Pandemic

For years, affordable housing has been a growing problem across the nation – and especially here in Florida. A booming real estate market compared with stagnant wages means that many Florida families can no longer afford to pay rent in the areas in which they work. Many different projects, programs, and funds have been established to try to address the problem in different ways. But then the coronavirus pandemic hit. Now, just when they are needed the most, affordable housing projects are being cut all across Florida.

The Orlando Sentinel spoke with a reverend who runs the Community Hope Center in Kissimmee. Nearby, a pasture of over five acres had been donated by the United Methodist Church for a housing complex. The complex was designed to provide 225affordable housing units for working-class families – many of whom are now living week to week in hotels, some without so much as electricity.

A regional housing trust had been established. Corporate and philanthropic donors were contributing significant funds. The project was ready to show real progress when suddenly, COVID-19 hit and stopped all momentum. Donations stopped. The Community Hope Center was forced to spend its emergency funds on simply keeping families fed rather than providing long term housing solutions. Similar situations have happened to housing entrepreneurs across Florida.

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