Affordable Housing Community Opens Soon in Lakeland

Affordable Housing Community Opens Soon in Lakeland

Affordable Housing Community Opens Soon in Lakeland

Affordable housing has been a growing problem for residents across Florida in recent years. In some areas, local projects are helping to address the problem. The Patch reports that a new affordable housing community is already leasing units to Lakeland families. The complex is scheduled to open by April 2021, and when it does, 132 units will be made available to residents that meet income qualifications.

Income qualifications vary between 40 and 60 percent of the average median income. Residents who meet this criteria and secure a lease will pay between $437 and $908 in monthly rent – well below the market average in the surrounding areas. This new complex is actually the second phase of an existing housing development. When it is complete, a total of three phases will provide318 affordable housing units for local families.

Affordable housing units are increasingly difficult to come by. After the devastating financial impact of the extended coronavirus pandemic, however, it is likely that more Florida families will qualify for them. As federal moratoriums on foreclosures and evictions expire in early 2021, it will be more important than ever for Florida families to be prepared for their future housing plans.

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